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Terri Gazi is one of George Thomas Hospice Care’s most invaluable members of staff. As lead nurse, Terri offers the Clinical Team support, guidance and care which is essential when working with patients with life-limiting conditions. We asked Terri to write her very own blog for us…..

“Can you do a blog?” my fundraising colleagues asked…

“Why yes of course”, I answered, hoping my blank face did not give the game away! My entire evening was then spent hastily researching blogging and bloggers. I did learn many things about blogging some of them unprintable here. But the general impression was how passionate some of the bloggers are about their chosen subject. The following evenings were then spent deliberating on just exactly what I should blog about.

Paddling up the Taff

A few day later as I was paddling up the Taff one lovely sunny Sunday morning in June, I realised my first few blogs must be about my colleagues and what we get up in the name of fundraising. We were taking part on this occasion in the George Thomas Hospice Care annual raft race.

Risking life and limb

Five members of staff and one volunteer risked life and limb to paddle up the Taff each perched on a barrel held together with planks of wood. So off we set with Mike (CEO) at the helm alongside him a worthy volunteer, Gavin, adding the youth element to his barrel (I don’t know if I am allowed to say eye candy!).

Splat! The egg hits home!

I was behind adding the ‘mature’ element to my barrel watching Mike and his rowing technique, thinking he needed to be back in the team next year. Alongside me, our new fundraiser, Chelsea, was doing well until some young lads decided it was funny to drop eggs and flour on us as we passed under the bridge. Chelsea was hit by the egg which, incidentally, was very painful so I cannot blame her for turning her paddle into a deadly weapon! The sequence of events played out like this – Splat! The egg hits home! The target, Chelsea, is suddenly using her paddle as effectively as any Kung Foo film! With one swift action she launches it into my shoulder. I am just recovering from the shock and pain and she decides to aim for my leg, before she takes me out completely! There are gasps of horror from the two rowers behind, our consultant, Margred, and nurse, Lynnette. I turned in relief only to see them trying to scrape the egg off Chelsea’s back – but at least they distracted her!

No grudge

I bear no grudge for the massive lump and bruise that left their mark on my shoulder and leg. The pain and shock of the egg hitting her understandably propelled her arm into an uncontrollable action. I do bear a grudge for the lads who thought it was funny to throw eggs and flour and hopefully next year they will give our raft race a miss.

A day of laughter and fun

To cut a long story short, we did not win, due to the egg incident of course, but it did make me realise how I enjoy being with my colleagues, not just in work but also doing things together socially and to help promote George Thomas Hospice Care. It takes special people to work in palliative care and I am lucky to be part of that team. But just as amazing were all those people who also built their rafts and fundraised for our hospice. It was a day of laughter, fun and, of course, competitiveness with everyone there giving up time and money to support us. And this year, unlike last year, everyone managed to finish on top of the water!

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