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Advance Care Planning

We have created our Advance Care Planning video to give you some information that you can listen to at a time that is convenient to you. You may find some of the issues discussed in the video challenging. You can discuss advance care planning with your Clinical Nurse Specialist.

What to expect when a persons health deteriorates

We have created this video to give you an overview of the things to consider when planning for the deterioration of your health. This is to give patients and their families some information of what to expect in the last days of life.. You may find some of the matters discussed upsetting and may wish to revisit at a later date. You can also discuss this with your Clinical Nurse Specialist.

For general advice or to discuss referrals to City Hospice, please call:

02920 524 150

Or, contact us

Information for patients and loved ones on DNACPR decisions

Discussions around cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can be difficult and feel very emotive. However, if a person’s health is deteriorating without anything that can be reversed, often the chances of CPR being successful are very small and the harm and physical trauma that can be caused outweigh any benefits. Discussions around CPR should be part of a wider conversation around someone’s wishes as their health deteriorates, and questions from patients and loved ones should be encouraged.

The document ‘Sharing and Involving’ explains the decision making in more detail. If you have any queries please speak to your City Hospice nurse or GP.

Please download for more information


Advance statement of wishes if a person has capacity

The attached document can act as a prompt and framework for someone to document their healthcare wishes for the future. It is not set in stone, and a person may change their mind at any point. Also, there is no absolute need to fill out all of the document, or indeed any of it if a person does not wish to do so. The document is not legally binding, but the wishes documented will be taken into account by medical teams when making healthcare decisions in the future if a person becomes more unwell and loses the capacity to make these decisions.

If you or your loved one feels they would like to complete a form, please feel free to download one but it would be very useful for it to be shared with your City Hospice nurse, as well as the GP and any other healthcare teams caring for you or your loved one.

If as part of the considerations about advance care planning you or your loved one feels they would not want cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), please see the document ‘Information for patients and loved ones on DNACPR decisions’ on the website and speak to your City Hospice nurse or GP as usually a Do Not Attempt CPR (DNACPR) form would be completed.

Please download for more information

Treatment escalation guide for those patients who lack capacity

The attached document is a guide for patients who lack the capacity for whatever reason to make decisions about their healthcare. Any decisions made will be made in the persons’ best interest and should involve more than one person in the decision making process e.g. loved one, GP, or City Hospice nurse. The document is not legally binding but acts as a guide to the healthcare professional making the decision at the time e.g. whether it would be in the best interest of the person to be admitted to hospital for antibiotics if they have an acute infection.

If you feel your loved one would benefit from consideration of completion of the document, this will need to be first discussed with an appropriate healthcare professional e.g. GP, or City Hospice nurse.

Please download for more information 


Our Consultants

At City Hospice we have three Consultants in Palliative Medicine, Dr Marged Capel, our Clinical Director, Dr James Davies, Dr Mel Jefferson and Professor Fiona Rawlinson who all work closely together with or clinical team to care for our patients and their families.

We are grateful to Dr James Davies for providing the following information videos.

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