Life can be stressful at the best of times but when you or a loved one has a life-limiting condition, it can feel even worse. Going to lots of appointments, dealing with yours or a loved one's situation day in, day out and feeling anxious most of the time, calls for some 'you' time.

We're really lucky at City Hospice that we can offer our patients and families that time to themselves through the wonderful work of our volunteer reflexologists. They give their time to help make sure that those they're treating have time to unwind and have some quiet in their chaotic lives. 

Meet Cheryl

Cheryl has been a qualified reflexologist for five years and has been volunteering with us at City Hospice, helping our patients and their families. "I do precision reflexology on an emotional level which is so appropriate for my work here at City Hospice. I’m also interested in light touch rather than deep pressure." 

"I never thought I’d end up in a hospice working in this way. Sadly, I lost my nearest and dearest and one of them was in a hospice. It was such a wonderful experience and wonderful place that I thought ‘I’m coming to give something back’. I didn’t know what I was going to do at the time and I wasn’t ready to do it straight away. Five years went by and City Hospice rang me, asking me to come to a fundraising event. From there, I decided to help two days a week when I do reflexology treatments for patients and their families."

Cheryl really enjoys her volunteering because "it’s a really comfortable space, it’s very respectful, beautiful and joyful, and people seem to be in a different frame of mind. They’re very appreciative, and the reflexology seems to make them feel better and happier and put things in perspective. It gives some people more confidence too.

Reflexology magically seems to take the edge away which is so good for those who come to City Hospice. It’s very rewarding and fantastic. I wouldn’t be here after five years if people didn’t get anything from it. We’ve got busy diaries so we must be doing something right!"

Meet Susan 

Susan got into reflexology 15 years ago after her daughter had been born because she developed a severed cough she couldn’t get rid of. She didn’t want to take medication so she was advised to try this alternative treatment.

“I was totally sceptical at first and didn’t know what it involved. I went to see this lady and after quite a detailed consultation, I was a bit confused but gave it a go anyway. It was amazing. She knew so much about me from my feet!

Before becoming a reflexologist, Susan worked as a Business Manager in a school. It was high pressured and quite a stressful job. After a bereavement in 2012, Susan decided to leave that job behind and study a degree course in alternative therapies at Cardiff Met University.

“I studied reflexology, holistic massage, and aromatherapy and loved every minute of it. I’ve never looked back. I can and do enjoy looking after people and getting to know them. There’s nothing better than someone leaving a treatment looking more relaxed with a smile on their face. Being told you’ve helped is fantastic.”

She enjoys helping our patients and their families at City Hospice and was determined to come back and volunteer with us.

“They helped me and my daughter significantly and I really don’t think I would’ve managed without them. I’ve always felt a huge gratitude, a huge respect and decided at a very early stage, if I was going to give something back, I’d come and do it at City Hospice as a volunteer to offer treatment. That’s why I’m here. It’s just to say thank you really.”

We really appreciate the hard work of Cheryl and Susan. They offer so much and help those who receive treatments to feel a sense of calm among the chaos of their lives.

We can’t thank them enough for all they do.

If you're a patient and you'd like to take advantage of this service, please have a chat with your Clinical Nurse Specialist.

If you're seeing one of our lovely counsellors, mention it to them because they can refer you too. Appointments take place at the hospice centre in our therapy rooms. For more information, please call us on 02920 524150.