Palwasha joined us in 2013 as part of our Light Up A Life celebrations and has stayed with us since. Find out how she got involved here.

My name is Palwasha (yes it's a real name) and I am a nervous wreck of a student, having just finished off my final year of university. In 2013, when I first came across City Hospice, I was an equally nervous wreck of a high school student trying to find some work experience (which according to my teachers I would perish without in the grown-up world). Nonetheless I was lucky enough to come across a volunteering opportunity for the 'Light up a Life' stall for this charity. The experience turned out to be very lovely and the people I met through it were so kind, that as silly as it sounds it played a key role in shaping my general outlook.

Over the years I became involved in volunteering for various City Hospice one-off events, this time however simply because I wanted to. It was no longer just 'work experience', but it was a way to put some of my spare time to good use. I have been involved mostly with event volunteering, but starting from last week I've even had a chance to volunteer at one of the charity shops, which has already turned out to be so rewarding.

Each event I've been a part of came with its own cherished moments.

Each event I've been a part of came with its own cherished moments. I have had a chance to speak to many wonderful people giving their time to City Hospice and to hear their stories. It has been amazing to listen to the many ways the hospice has played such an important role in people's lives. It shows, too, from the determination and enthusiasm of these people that have come together to show their gratitude to the hospice through volunteering. Not that this enthusiasm and passion does not extend to other volunteers like myself, who have been fortunate to find the charity through our own ways and have stayed around since.

I remember reading once that empathy is learned through experience and thinking 'well that's not good'. It meant my empathy skills were basically as good as that around me: science textbooks, phones, laptop screens and my fellow students. So, I can safely say that my experience with City Hospice has also helped me develop as a person through the chance to get to know and meet people from many different walks of life.  

I will end this by saying to people that are considering volunteering with City Hospice: Just sign up and the rest will come easy. You don't even need loads of time since the volunteering opportunities are flexible enough that you will find something to suit you. The best part of volunteering is that you get to comfortably get out of your comfort zone and have your own unique experience. Give it a shot!

If you're interested in volunteering with us, check out our current volunteer opportunities.