Our drivers are so important here at City Hospice. They pick up patients and bring them to the hospice for appointments and to the Day Centre. This means they can get out and about and have a cup of tea with people in a similar position. Kevin Mackenzie is a Volunteer Driver’s Mate with our Driver, Steve.

When chatting to Kevin about his life and work, he said “You’re better off asking me what I didn’t do!”. From a paperboy to coach builder to shop owner to driving for the police, he’s done a bit of everything in his life. Being a Driver’s Mate means he helps our patients get to their appointments and provides them with a friendly face on their journey.

Before volunteering, Kevin and his wife, Pearl, worked together on market stalls and in shops and were a real dream team. Everything came to a head when they lost both sets of their parents and were working seven days a week, not having any real time together. So, they decided to sell their shops and Kevin went to work as a driver in the police for 12 years. Sadly, Kevin’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer so he decided to retire and they bought a place in Spain so they could enjoy each other’s company and lived there for two and a half years.

“My wife became really poorly again so we had to move back and I got another job, this time at the Council. When she got really poorly again, the City Hospice nurses used to go and see Pearl and helped her so much. They were really nice.”

After Kevin’s wife passed away in October 2013, he waited for a year and then started volunteering with us in October 2014. “I’ve enjoyed every minute and met some beautiful people. The patients, the staff, they’re all brilliant. The best part about volunteering on the van is that I get to hear people’s life stories and make people laugh. You can’t change what’s going to happen so you might as well enjoy things while you can.”

We think Kevin does an amazing job and most definitely puts smiles on the faces of those he meets. 

If you think you'd like to help out on our patient transport, get in touch. We'd love to hear from you. For more information, please call our Volunteer Officer, Alex Fagan, on 02920 524150 or email [email protected]