We’re really lucky to have lots of amazing volunteers who help in our seven shops. Hayley is one of those.

Hayley has been a volunteer in our Cowbridge Road West (Ely) shop since January 2018 and has enjoyed every minute of it.

“It’s great because the shop is a three-minute walk from my house which means I can take the kids to school and go straight there afterwards.”

She’s been volunteering since she was 11 years old when she would help her Nan at the charity shop she worked in, helping her do the daily targets.

Hayley is a great help to Shop Manager, Tina, as she opens up the shop, banks the money at the end of the day, show the volunteers around, trains them up in the shop and in the stockroom, and on the till. She’s even been shown how to do Health and Safety checks.

“I absolutely love it. I’d love to have a paid part-time job in the shop with Tina because I enjoy it so much. In the past, I’ve tended to volunteer for charities that mean the most to me and my family. That’s why I came to City Hospice. The shop brings people together. It’s about being in the community and being somewhere that people can get a good bargain. You get to know the regular customers and what sort of things they’re looking for.

“My favourite part about volunteering is being with everyone and seeing how much they enjoy working together at the shop.”

Hayley’s children visit her while she’s volunteering and love seeing the other volunteers. They’ve even said that when they grow up, they want to volunteer themselves. “They don’t mind me going to the shop. They say ‘Go on Mum, go to work.’ They love it because they know it’s for a good cause.”

When we asked Hayley what she’d say to anyone thinking of volunteering, she said “Don’t be shy, it will totally boost your confidence. No one’s left out and everyone’s included in our shop which is great!”

If you or someone you know fancies giving volunteering a go, give our Volunteer Officer, Alex, a ring on 02920 524150 or email [email protected].