Gavin joined our fundraising volunteer team in June 2016 and regularly helps out in the office and at our events.

My name is Gavin and I volunteer both in the office and at various events in the City Hospice calendar. I was introduced to the hospice through my girlfriend Chelsea Fraser, who has been events fundraiser for the charity since June 2016.  My involvement with the charity began pretty much straight away as I was volunteered to row on the City Hospice raft at the annual raft race at Llandaff rowing club. It was a pretty tough introduction to City Hospice  and as volunteer work goes I’d say it’s as physically demanding and shattering as it gets! However, it was a fantastic event and it was brilliant to see people pulling together for a great cause and enjoying themselves at the same time. The event had a real community feel to it, with families sat on the banks enjoying a burger and an ice cream whilst watching their friends and families toiling away on the river Taff!

Since the raft race I have helped out at the art auction, Cardiff Bay 5k, volunteer party and Galaxy Gala and have enjoyed every minute of it.  The hours are sometimes long, but it’s barely noticeable as the events are such great fun and I’m generally kept pretty busy by the event organisers. I’m also treated to the odd bit of food and drink, it’s not what I volunteer for, but it’s great to see how well volunteers are treated; it really shows how much the charity appreciate your time and effort, they make you feel like you are a valued and important part of the team.

I also occasionally work in the office on a Friday morning.  Working full time myself it’s not always easy to fit in, but when I do manage to get to the office I’m set the task of updating the website with writing reviews of recent events and making future events look appealing to anyone who might be taking a look at what they could potentially sign up for or attend as a supporter or spectator.  I have also written a few press releases and have provided updates on social media; my name can also be attached to some of the staff profiles that can be found on the website.

Although I am very much an outdoor person and enjoy the events, I also enjoy being part of the office team; it’s great to see not only the hard work they all put in, but the relationships and dynamics that make such a great fundraising unit.  They also ensure there are always plenty of hot drinks and tasty snacks to help you get through the day and ensure I make full use of my gym membership!

I love volunteering for the hospice; it gives me a sense of huge achievement. Everyone knows about charities and the good work that they do, however it’s only when you actually get involved you really find out the hard work that goes into raising the funds required. City Hospice is a fantastic place to volunteer for and I’m proud to be a small part of a very dedicated team.

If you're interested in volunteering with us, check out our current volunteer opportunities.