When someone they love dies, children can find it difficult to cope.  They often have confusing emotions and struggle to talk about how they are feeling.  Without the right support, children can become withdrawn and develop problems like bed wetting and anxiety.  City Hospice offers a free bereavement service for children affected by the death of a parent or grandparent.  We help prepare them for the death before it happens and support them to come to terms with their feelings afterwards.

*Lily, aged 10, attends our Children’s Bereavement group.  With our support she is learning to cope with the her mum’s death. 

“Since coming to the group I no longer feel scared and I’ve learned to be happy.”

It costs just £500 to provide a bereavement group for 6 children.  Help us to be there for more children like Lily by making a small donation today.

*Lily’s name has been changed