Are you a carer?

Our Welfare Rights Officer and social worker can assist you by providing information and assistance with grants and benefit entitlement, employment rights and access to social services support for respite services, community groups and other support services.

Help with finances and employment

Because you are a carer you may be entitled to Carers Allowance, a non means tested benefit of £62.10 a week.  There is an earnings limit of £110 a week attached.  This allows a carer to continue to work but also have the flexibility to fulfil their caring role.  You may also be entitled to a range of means tested benefits.  Our Welfare Rights officer can support you with these claims.

Your employment rights as a carer are: the right to request flexible working, time off for dependants, unpaid parental leave and annual leave and pay.  Our Welfare Rights officer can advise you on your employment rights and help you access appropriate support if you need it.

Support from the Local Authority

We refer carers to the local authority for a carers assessment to ensure they are accessing the correct support.  This may result in a support plan being put in place to help you by providing services directly to you, the person you are caring for, or a combination of both.

The local authority can provide services themselves, or arrange services through anotehr organisation.  Alternatively you or the person you are looking after can request direct payments which are payments which enable you to buy services to meet your eligible needs. 

Help for Carers

Some examples of the kind of help that could be available directly to you as a carer:

  • help getting around: taxi fares, driving lessons, reparis and insurance, costs for a car where transport was crucial
  • technology to support you: mobile phone, computer where it is not possible to access computer services from a local library
  • help with housework or gardening
  • help to relieve stress, improve health and promote wellbeing such as a gym membership

Help for the person you are looking after

Sone examples of the kind of help that could be available to the person you are looking after:

  • Changes to the person's home to make it more suitable
  • equipment such as a hoist or grab rail
  • a care worker to help provide personal care at home
  • a temporary stay in residential care / respite care
  • meals delivered to the home
  • a place at a day centre
  • assistance with travel, for example to get to a day centre
  • laundry services
  • replacement care so you can have a break
  • carer's emergency card
  • community alarm