This week our patient Marian Milewski was awarded the Warsaw Uprising Medal for his participation in the Warsaw Uprising.

During one of our Day Centre sessions, Marian brought in the medal he had received via the Polish Embassy to show fellow patients and volunteers. Marian showed the group his medal and spoke about his time during the war.

Marian was awarded the medal by the President of the Warsaw Uprising Veterans Union for his ‘priceless involvement’ in the World War II resistance movement.

The Warsaw Uprising of 1944 was a 63-day operation by the Polish Resistance Home Army to liberate Warsaw from Germany occupation of the city.

Marian helped disrupt German railways, smuggled ammunition, and did anything he could to disrupt the Nazi German armies in Warsaw.

After the uprising, Marian escaped Warsaw and joined the Polish Army, which was under British command. As the war ended, Marian moved to Cardiff and never looked back.

In 2007, Marian took part in Cardiff Museum’s Roots to Cardiff: How the world made a city exhibition. The display told the story of thousands of immigrants that have made Cardiff their home and shaped it into the city we know today.