Hospice UK BBC Lifeline Appeal 

Hospice UK will feature as the BBC’s Lifeline Appeal for February. The filming is now complete and the 9-minute film will be broadcast on BBC1 this Sunday, 19 February at 4.50pm and again on BBC2 on Wednesday 22nd February at 1pm.
Welsh broadcaster, Gethin Jones, will present a number of moving stories from Robin House in Scotland and Royal Trinity Hospice in London. The film focuses on the incredible difference hospices make to people’s lives and the breadth of services offered in both children’s and adult’s hospices, with a particular emphasis on the importance of volunteers.
The main aim of the appeal is to raise awareness of what hospices do as well as the importance of volunteering. Money raised will go towards supporting Hospice UK’s work to champion volunteering, including compiling and sharing examples of successful volunteering programmes. 

From Sunday

After the appeal has gone live, Hospice UK will be actively sharing messages from the appeal on social media, this will include volunteering case studies, images or related content posted by individual hospices, Such as GTHC. The appeal will run for four weeks and they will host the film on their website after that.

Participate using the hashtags #BBCLifeline and #volunteering.