On 20th October 2018, City Hospice Managers, Frances Burgess and Rob John, will be taking to the skies and diving 12,000ft freefall to raise money for our patients and their families. 

The skydive, taking place through Skydive Swansea, will see our brave daredevils jumping from thousands of feet and free-falling at 120mph for around 45 seconds. 

Rob, Retail Operations Manager at City Hospice, says he's never participated in something like this before and is usually the one who sponsors people! "I'm taking part in this challenge as it's a fantastic to way to raise money for City Hospice. The fundraising team have been really supportive and have been with us 100% of the way. Doing something like this builds team spirit and gets everyone taking part to feel competitive. It has definitely caused a stir with my friends and family!

I'm really looking forward to the dive as I have a lifelong ambition of making a difference and I know the funds I raise will be put to vital use."

Fran, General Manager at City Hospice, also can't wait for the skydive. "I’ve never participated in anything like this before and despite being fearful of flying (worse as I get older!), I have always wanted to jump out of a plane.  I'm inspired by one of our volunteers (Keren, pictured above) who's already done it. She says it’s the most amazing feeling being up there in the sky ‘flying’. I think it will be fantastic!

I’m supporting City Hospice because I see the difference the charity makes.  It leaves a lasting mark on families as they always remember the support and care they were given by our staff and when you see how so many of them like to give back by means of fundraising themselves, taking part in groups or donating to us, that is very moving and means a lot to us all."

We'd like to say a huge good luck and thank you to both Fran and Rob and the rest of our daredevil skydivers. Without people like you doing challenges like this, we wouldn't be able to continue providing vital help and support to City Hospice patients and their families. 

To donate to Rob's challenge, visit: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/robert-john6?newPage=True

To donate to Fran's challenge, visit: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/franskydive 

If you want to know more about skydiving for City Hospice, email Daisy Magill at [email protected] or give her a call on 02920 524150.