“As a carer you can forget about yourself, from time to time you need to slow down, be calm and allow yourself the time to compute everything that is going on”. These were the words spoken by Tamzin Ford, as she chatted about the benefits of the City Hospice gardens.

Tamzin shared how her father Paul Byers would enjoy his reflexology sessions at Ty Hosbis, and during this time as Paul’s carer Tamzin enjoyed a few moments of tranquillity in the beautiful City Hospice gardens. 

Paul sadly passed away two years ago of Throat cancer. Over the seven years of Paul’s illness, he received wonderful care and support from many charities and organisations including Velindre Cancer Centre, Marie Curie, Macmillan and of course City Hospice. Which Tamzin was keen to acknowledge by donating over £10,000 to charities from her father’s estate and fundraised by running the Cardiff Half Marathon four times. 

Paul was originally a Transportation Principal Officer and a founder of the Cathays Community webpage, Connect Cathays.  Later, Tamzin and Paul established a successful business in Cardiff, called The Stitching Boutique, which encouraged sewing, recycling and up-cycling. 

Tamzin speaks with great pride as she describes Paul’s lobbying for Wifi within the University Hospital of Wales, so that he could continue to work from his laptop whilst receiving treatment. Always keen to live his fullest possible life. He even took part in clinical trials, contributing to research for the benefit of future patients.

Tamzin wound down their business before her father’s death, to care for him but has taken the values of their organisation and instilled them in her new endeavour, Blossom and Nectar. 

Tamzin’s goal was not to establish a new business, instead so inspired by the time she spent in the City Hospice gardens, and the benefits that she experienced from spending time in nature; she sought out training to keep bees. Immediately she could see how working with bees, could help to alleviate anxiety, satisfying her need to be calmer and mindful. 

Tamzin took her new found bee skills coupled with her passion for screen printing and started to create products. Encouraged by friends and family she established her new business. 

Blossom and Nectar has a recycle and reuse ethos, producing Wellbeing products including Honey, Beehive products, relaxing bath bombs, soap, ceramics and natural candles. The business aspires to achieve zero waste, no plastic packaging is used, and even their labels can be planted to grow bee friendly plants. She describes this as “helping nature help us feel better”.

Spending time in nature has become an important part of Tamzin’s life. We are humbled and so touched to know that the City Hospice gardens have meant so much to Tamzin, both as a carer and as inspiration for her business endeavours. 

The City Hospice gardens are nurtured and maintained entirely by volunteers, their dedication and hard work has created a haven for patients, carers and visitors. If you would like to volunteer at City Hospice please get in touch.