We were recently fortunate enough to be joined by Cardiff University student, Victoria, who has been doing a placement with Cardiff's local hospice. She is studying for her degree in Nursing and is in her second year. Here, she tells what her experience was like and how she learned so much with the fantastic City Hospice Clinical Team.

"I spent a fascinating and useful week with the team of community palliative care nurses at City Hospice. They go into the homes of patients with incurable illnesses to provide medical and nursing care. Having worked in the community for a number of years (then being placed in a busy community nursing team) I have heard about this team but never had the opportunity to meet them. I found them to be very welcoming with an incredible skillset and a great understanding of their patients, catering for their end-of-life needs.

The team are highly skilled in reading people and their reactions to their diagnoses. They then cater their discussions accordingly. After a few minutes of talking to a patient, they can see whether someone is willing and able to discuss their wants and needs but also when a patient does not want to talk about them. The nurses also offer family members the same dignity and respect as they do the patients they’re helping. It has been amazing to observe how the team treat people with kindness and ensure treatment and assistance is given promptly. Listening to people and responding to their preferences and concerns if of utmost importance due to the patients sometimes not having much time to communicate what they want to happen to them. Every aspect of the code is adhered to without a second thought, as though it was genetically hardwired into their makeup.

From a student perspective, it was a privilege to spend a week with them. I have learned many skills which I know I will use throughout my nursing career. My goal is to join a community nursing team and when this happens, I will no doubt be meeting the City Hospice team again. With this in mind, I have gained a deep respect for them and will be able to relay this to my future patients and team members.”

A huge thank you to Victoria for joining us!