Cathy has been a nurse for 6 years. As a City Hospice nurse, she meets patients at an incredibly difficult time of their life, as they face new and unexpected challenges.

This is completely new territory for both patients and their loved ones. They don’t necessarily know where to turn for help or how treatment will affect them. As a City Hospice nurse, we aim to provide that extra care and become a familiar face for both the patient and their families. It is a very emotional time for everyone involved, so it is really worthwhile for us to see patients regularly. At the end of the day, we want our patients and their families to know that we are only a phone call away, any day of the week. Families often don’t necessarily know where to turn, so it is important they know that we are there for them and can help them, or at the very least point them in the right direction. I think our commitment to helping and supporting both the patient and their loved ones in any way we can, is something that reassures them during this period.


As a City Hospice nurse, Cathy regularly visits five to six patients a day. As each nurse covers specific areas within Cardiff that are linked to GP practices, nurses visit patients in their homes, provide care and talk about their concerns.

Cathy said: “Often patients have questions about symptom management, but we also discuss their worries. As a nurse, we look to reassure them and speak to their GP. It’s crucial for us that we help them when they have a problem in any way we can. We always look to bring people in for help where necessary, so everyone receives the care they deserve and need.”

For Donate a Day everyone has the chance to donate or fundraise £150 which covers a day of nursing care. It is a rewarding opportunity for anyone who wants to support a local hospice nurse or give something in memory of a loved one on a specific day that is special to them. To find out more about Donate a Day or to pledge your unique date, visit here.