It is a rather busy time here at GT soon to be City Hospice.

Awaiting the downstairs refurb to commence soon hopefully :) New uniforms are in the pipeline so watch this space. I have been following your comments on Facebook regarding the name change and I feel you all have made a valid argument for and against the change. I am not a person who embraces change (sorry) however I think I can cope with a name change rather than a staff change. So thankfully the team remains the same and hopefully we will all carry on supporting patients in the community to the very best of our ability.

On a different subject, I recently attended a very informative event concerning all the decisions around dying including funerals. Like most people I have made a will and done some advanced care planning in the event of ill health. But there is a website called final fling which has so much information concerning decision making especially when you are already experiencing ill health. is well worth a visit. We all prefer not to think about death but I think this website offers practical advice along with appropriate humour.  Something that I had not thought about is sorting out Digital assets and legacy. For example email, online banking and Facebook accounts to name but a few.  Further information on these topics plus more please visit the following website for practical advice 

Quick update on Clyde my cat –blood sugar now within normal limits so diabetes currently controlled on his current regime of insulin, diabetic cat food and the occasional mouse takeaway

Bye for now