At City Hospice, we work with lots of people from all different spiritual backgrounds. Our Social Worker, Andrew Wade, speaks to people every day who are nearing the end of their lives and need help planning for their deaths.


We pride ourselves on working within the local communities of Cardiff and therefore, it’s important for us to provide the right spiritual care to people in those communities. Having knowledge of basic religious beliefs is something so simple but could be the difference between someone feeling you understand them and not. We always try to make sure that someone’s needs are met so it’s important for us to recognise early on what those needs are and act accordingly. Someone might not have a strong belief in a God or gods but might still consider themselves to be spiritual.


There’s a strong element of respect when dealing with a person’s wishes and their spiritual decisions. For example, thinking about how you talk to them about their death and whether or not it’s frowned upon. There’s also the importance of thinking ahead to their last rites, what a particular religion says about them and who might be entrusted to deal with their body after they die. There’s also the question of whether they want to receive pain relieving drugs as they near the end of their life or whether it’s against what they believe.


Our social worker, Andrew, helps people of all religions and spiritual beliefs die with the dignity they deserve. His knowledge of these beliefs helps him to provide the best assistance and care to the people he sees. He gives advice on ways of helping them live the last few months, weeks and days the best way they can.

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